CCTV Monitoring

On board CCTV monitoring enables us to keep an eye on your horse throughout transport. Not only to ensure their comfort, but also their safety whilst on board.


Cooling Fans

Temperature controlled cooling fans are installed to help circulate air flow and maintain optimum temperatures in the horse compartment. This can be invaluable during the summer months, along with the roof and side windows, to ensure your horse arrives in comfort.

Cooling Fan
Stallion Partition


Stallion Partition

Fitted for the upmost safety is the full height Stallion Partition. Keeping the horses safe during transport is paramount, and the Stallion Partition does just that. Padded for comfort, lightweight and extremely strong means its our go to choice. Unlike the traditional Breast Bar, which risks the horse getting stuck should it rear up, this partition gives your equine plenty of space, whilst keeping them contained. We are also able to remove, and rack the partition on the side wall in a moment’s notice, should the need arise.


Travel Lights

Keeping your horses stress free, and enabling us to keep an eye on them, we have fitted automatically controlled LED travel lights. For loading/unloading the bright white LED’s fill the travelling compartment. During low ambient light conditions, they automatically change to red for travel.

Travel Lights